Local Authority Consultation

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  • Local Authority Consultation

The Local Authority Services we offer:

  • Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO's)
  • EToN/Symology Notices
  • National Site Surveys & Site Meeting
  • Crane Licences
  • Cherry Picker Licences
  • Traffic Signal Switch Outs
  • Parking Bays Suspensions
  • Disabled Bay Suspensions
  • Residential Bay Suspensions
  • Taxi Rank Suspensions
  • Bus Stop Suspensions
  • Bus Lane Suspensions
  • Advance Warning Signs
  • Leaflet Drops
  • Site Specific Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • CAD Traffic Management Plans
  • Swept Path Analysis Surveys

Legal Compliance is fast becoming a complex minefield in Traffic Management and in response Cobra TM has formulated a specific project team to deal with these details in every scheme we undertake.

We can attend site specific meetings with your local authority to discuss and gain approval for any proposed scheme, managing all the details on your behalf. With regular updates via e-mail and phone, you will receive a more personal approach that will allow you to closely monitor the progress of your proposed scheme application.

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